Wiscasset parents upset by cars passing school buses

Parents on the Midcoast say cars are flying by their kids as they head to school. (WGME)

WISCASSET (WGME) -- Parents on the Midcoast say cars are flying by their kids as they head to school.

Now, they're asking the Maine DOT to step in.

Every morning, Mike Maney walks his children out to Route 1 in Wiscasset to watch them get on the school bus.

He also wants to see if drivers stop, but says not all do.

Maney says drivers who fly past their stopped school bus put his daughter Natalie, son Nicholas, and every other child on that bus at risk.

"It's been going on since Nicholas went to Kindergarten," Maney said. "At least three or four or five people a week just fly past the bus when it's at a complete stop."

Wiscasset school bus drivers say drivers have even passed their buses on the right, where the children get on and off.

Maney says local police have stopped and ticketed drivers, but he says there aren't enough officers to catch them all.

He says he's tried for three years to get one of these signs put up near his kids’ bus stop.

"All I'm asking for is a sign to be placed right down there telling people there's a bus stop here," Maney said.

Maine DOT spokesman Ted Talbot says this is really an enforcement problem.

"All the signs in the world will not help if somebody is intent on passing a school bus. So that's first and foremost. But if we can help at all with some signage we'd like to do that," Talbot said.

Late Thursday, Maney says the site met all the requirements.

Mike Maney hopes that sign goes up soon at the bottom of the hill to alert drivers there's a school bus stop there. But even then he's not sure if every driver will stop for the school bus.

"A 60 foot yellow bus with a red blinking light, no one seems to notice it," Maney said.

The Maine DOT now tells CBS 13, two new school bus signs are going up Friday at that bus stop in Wiscasset.

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