Two Auburn students under the age of 7 left at unfamiliar bus stop

Two Washburn Elementary School students under the age of seven were dropped off at an unfamiliar bus location. (WGME)

AUBURN (WGME)--It was a phone call a Washburn Elementary student's mother never thought she'd get from her husband.

"He said this is an emergency, we don't know who this little girl is, I've never seen her before in my life," Jessica Trammel said.

Everyday, Jessica's 6-year-old daughter, June, who has special needs, gets dropped off at a near-by daycare.

On Thursday, that didn't happen.

Instead, June was dropped off a few blocks away from her home, along with four year-old Zophia Lara who lives a mile away from June.

The two girls didn't know each other, or where they were.

"She [June] said, 'Yeah, the bus driver just dropped us off,' and I said, 'He just opened the door and said ok you can go home?' and she said, 'Yeah,"' Jessica said.

For about a half an hour the pair wandered in the cold eventually finding their way to June's house.

Jessica said her daughter never gets dropped off at home but luckily found her way.

"I don't understand how this could happen, I just don't," Jessica said.

Jessica said her husband was home because of a family issue.

He thought his daughter was at daycare until he heard the unlocked door open and saw his daughter and an unfamiliar child walk in.

"This could have been a missing person report, an Amber Alert," Jessica said. "This could have been anything and I was just terrified like who was this little girl?"

Jessica said she called the school, and her daughter's daycare because the daycare never called to ask why June wasn't there.

"I had to call them and tell them she was ok," said Jessica.

She then called her daughter's bus company, and then the police department to try to figure out who the little girl in their home was and how this happened.

"The officer was just baffled he said, 'You guys are very lucky, we got lucky on this one,"' Jessica said.

"When I got the phone call yesterday afternoon that this had happened my number one question was are they safe and are they with an adult," said Katy Grondin, the Superintendent of Auburn Schools.

According to Grondin, the school bus driver that dropped June and Zophia off at the wrong location was filling in.

Grondin said he had no experience driving the route.

"The driver did have a route list however there were some missing stops on it," said Grondin.

Deborah Coleman the General Manager of Ledgemere Transportation provided CBS 13 with this statement, "This morning the normal driver of the bus is working with the substitute driver of the bus and we are working with the district."

The statement also said "We make safety our number one concern. Our team moved quickly to resolve the situation."

The Ledgemere Transportation Company has been contracted by the Auburn School Department since July of 2016.

Grondin said she's been meeting with the company all morning to make sure this mistake doesn't happen again.

"I'm confident that they're doing what's right to make sure our students are getting home safely," Grondin said.

Cindy Lara, Zophia's mother, is out of town and couldn't be reached for an on-camera interview.

Jessica said she received a phone call Thursday night from Cindy who said was very thankful that she had taken care of her daughter.

Jessica said the two women are in disbelief, and had a hard time sleeping last night.

"I'll never put her on a bus again," said Jessica. "I had to tell my employer things need to change this is a huge wake up call."

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