Thunderstorms wreak havoc in Sebago Lake region

Pictures just in from that area show a tree through a window at one of the buildings at Point Sebago in Casco. (Alicia Kay)

RAYMOND (WGME) -- Severe weather hospitalized one person, after a lightning strike earlier Friday night.

It happened just after 4 p.m. on Cape Road in Raymond.

The fire chief says that person is expected to be OK.

Thousands of Cumberland County residents experienced the awful weather.

Several large trees were struck by lightning in the Raymond Pond area. Several people we spoke with were just feet away from being hit.

For residents living along Panther Pond, Friday's thunder and lightning storm was too close for comfort.

Lightning struck several trees, splicing branches just feet away from several occupied homes.

The Raymond Fire Department says its phone was ringing off the hook.

There were at least three calls of trees coming down onto power lines, keeping firefighters busy and leaving dozens without power, and a messy yard.

Fortunately, Raymond fire officials say there were no fatalities.

Many residents are now making arrangements for these trees to be brought down Saturday to keep their homes out of harm’s way.

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