Thompson's Point to start charging for parking


PORTLAND (WGME) -- You may want to bring some extra cash on your next trip to Thompson's Point.

The venue will soon start charging visitors to park.

You won't have to pay to park until the end of the month, but land owners are making their presence known now. There are six payment kiosks that will charge $2 an hour for parking.

Chris Thompson with Thompson's Point Maine says they were planning on adding the kiosks from the start, but they were waiting until development on the lot was a little further along.

It's a privately-owned area with no ties to the city, despite the fact that the kiosks look just like the ones you'd see in the city of Portland.

The kiosks will charge extra during special events, which they've been doing for a while during the concert series.

Soon they'll be adding an app to pay over the phone, and businesses have the option to validate parking for patrons.

One employee with Big J's Chicken Shack says he's unhappy with the plan to charge for parking.

Now there are about 850 parking spots at Thompson's Point, and Chris Thompson said another goal of theirs to keep traffic down, encouraging people to take public transit, or park for free, with their bike.

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