Severe storm leaves damage across Sebago Lake Region

Down trees on Highland road in Bridgton after today's storms (WGME)

BRIDGTON (WGME) -- Strong storms ripped through the Sebago Lakes Region Saturday afternoon and evening.

Multiple trees were reported down on roads and homes.

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At Camp Brookline on Highland Lake, falling trees struck at least four homes. Residents were trapped inside until crews from Central Maine Power cut power.

Officials report most of the damaged happened just before 6 P.M. when the storm picked up and moved off the lake. Fire and other emergency crews responded quickly, but said there was little they could do until power was cut.

Crews told CBS 13 there did not appear to be any major injuries. One resident tells us a neighbor did have to get stitches though.

A neighbor described the storm's impact as being similar to getting hit by a freight train.

"Very quickly that turned into very loud noises and the cliche of 'it sounded like a freight train hitting,'" said John Marshall. "You can see a tree struck our house, broke some windows, and shrapnel came into the house."

On Pond Road, trees downed power lines and at least one ignited a fire.

Residents there also say they know of only minor injuries so far, but Cheryl Yesucevitz says the storm was still a scary situation.

"Just as we were stepping out the front door... everything, all the trees... started bending around in circles. It was crazy." she told CBS 13. "This tree fell. Those trees fell. Another tree fell back there. I ran back in the house and said 'everybody get down.'"

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