Fifteen vehicles damaged by gun shots in York County

Vehicles found damaged in York County (Photo CTSY: York County Sheriff's Office) 

PARSONSFIELD (WGME) -- The York County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a shooting spree leaves more than a dozen car windows shattered, and residents shaken up.

Sheriff Bill King said his office has received 15 reports of damage since Monday, 14 of them in Parsonsfield and one in neighboring Cornish.

"I heard a sound like a pop," said Sondra-Tiffany Brendt, who lives on Road between the Ponds with her husband.

She said it came in the early morning hours on Tuesday, shattering the back window of her SUV. She said the same thing happened last week in broad daylight while she and her husband were out.

"Same car, same window, same place," said Brendt.

This week, they aren't alone.

King said more than a dozen vehicles have been shot by what they believe to be a pellet gun or high-powered BB gun. His department is investigating and putting extra patrols in the area. They believe these are "drive by" shootings based on how far apart the victims are.

"We don't see any connection or there's no common thread with the victim's vehicles or their houses, but we're actively looking at that," King said.

He said it's reckless behavior that has everyone on high alert.

"We need to be cautious when people have high powered BB guns," King said. "It causes damage and it certainly could cause personal injury if it was pointed at somebody."

Anyone who has any information about this, or who sees anything suspicious is asked to contact the Sheriff's Office immediately and take note of the vehicle involved.

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