2 tornadoes confirmed; Maine breaks record with seven tornado warnings

Jackson Witherill took this photo of a waterspout on Sebago Lake during a tornado warning Saturday afternoon.

GRAY (WGME) -- NWS Gray reports that Saturday night 2 tornadoes developed in Sebago near West Shore Road and in Bridgton near Highland Lake.

They ranked the tornado EF0, which is the least intense tornado rating on the EF scale.

Strong, fast moving storms moved through New Hampshire and Maine Saturday afternoon, with tornado warnings issued in Carroll County, NH and Cumberland County.

Seven tornado warnings were issued in western Maine Saturday, which NWS Gray says is the most they have ever issued in a year, let alone a single day.

The National Weather Service has also issued several warnings for severe thunderstorms from North Conway through the Sebago Lake region, and more stormy weather is expected through at least Saturday afternoon.

NWS Gray also said a driver on Route 302 near Shawnee Peak reported seeing a rain-wrapped tornado near Moose Pond. Route 302 was closed from Route 93 to Knight's Hill Road, and reopened around 11 p.m.

Flash flood warnings for the Conway-North Conway-Fryeburg area were also issued after 5 p.m.

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