Sanford hits snow jackpot in latest storm

SANFORD (WGME) -- Whether or not they like it, Sanford hit the jackpot with this storm, getting a fresh 18 inches. That's on top of the 14 they got on Monday.

Residents say they're running out of room.

While the roads are pretty clear, everything else seems to be covered in snow. Cody White was snow blowing his dad's driveway Thursday morning, after losing power at his own house.

"It's not fun," White said. "Sticky, wet, heavy snow."

Just up the street, Dan Smith agreed, but also said he wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's life in Maine, you just deal with it," said Smith. "I like Maine. I like the winter. Doesn't bother me a bit."

Most roads were clear, but branches, benches and bike lanes remained buried in snow.

"Our crews are exhausted," said Director of Public Works, Matt Hill. "We've been responding right through the night."

Hill said the last couple weeks have taken a toll on his workers and the budget.

"We're running a little hot on the budget, but that's the nature of it when you have a tough winter."

He said heavy snow removal from streets and sidewalks will start next week, with crews working overnight to move all the snow to various storage sites.

Students in Sanford also got their sixth snow day of the school year on Thursday. A school department official said they only built in four, so any days beyond that will likely be added on in June.

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