Police ask for help finding missing Gardiner woman

Investigators say Megan Gregory vanished three months ago. (Shauna Drashcovich)

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Police in Central Maine are asking for your help in finding a missing 28-year-old woman.

Investigators say Megan Gregory vanished three months ago.

Exactly three months ago, Megan Gregory was last seen on Water Street in Augusta. Someone claims they saw her getting into an SUV outside the Edwards Guest House, but police can't verify that, nor do they know which way the vehicle went.

Christopher Guay is one of two local detectives trying to find Megan Gregory. Police say she disappeared June 5, and say Megan's mother reported her daughter missing.

"She's sick with worry about what's happened to her," Guay said.

Megan's mother was too upset to talk with us Tuesday. She wants to hear from her daughter.

Even more unusual, Guay says, that Gregory hasn't contacted anyone she knows.

"No social media,” Guay said. “No phone calls. From what we know, she didn't even take her cell phones with her."

But detectives say right now, they don't have enough to go on to suspect foul play.

"We're continuously asking for the public's help,” Guay said. “I've gone back, done re-interviews with people that I suspect may have information. But unfortunately, we don't have any definitive leads as far as what happened to her."

If you have any information as to Megan Gregory's whereabouts, you're asked to call Gardiner Police.

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