Officials ask Mainers to help dig out fire hydrants

GORHAM (WGME) -- Plenty of snow is already covering towns and cities around the state and with more on the way public works crews say there's a way you can help.

As cities and towns prepare for more snow Wednesday, they're also asking residents to help them out.

First responders are reminding people to clear out fire hydrants on their property and street. It can save them from having to dig to the hydrant in case of an emergency and could save them lots of time.

They also have another warning: make sure to clear snow around any vent pipes on your home.

"The other concerns we have are the vent pipes. We ask them to clean around the vents to prevent CO issues in the home,” Asst. Chief Paul LaBrecque, Biddeford Fire Department, said.

Several fire hydrants are still buried in snow along with neighborhood sidewalks.

City leaders are asking people to do what they can to help the community and their neighbors dig out from all this snow.

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