Neighbors react to shooting in Portland

CTSY Tammy Shaw

PORTLAND (WGME) - Tuesday night's shooting in Portland happened in a busy neighborhood in between Congress Street and Park Avenue.

Tammy Shaw is a longtime friend of David Anderson. She said she has no idea who would have shot and killed him, and she and other neighbors hope police find the man who did this.

Shaw says she's known Anderson all of her adult life, and called him by his street name, "Shycago."

Shaw says she saw the body of the shooting victim, but didn't know it was Anderson until hours later.

"I just found out early at three or four this morning that it was "Shycago", David," Shaw said.

She says he grew up in Indiana, but lived here in Portland. In fact, she says the last three places Anderson lived were all on Gilman Street.

"He lived right here on the third floor," Shaw said. "And he just moved out. And he stayed with me for a couple weeks and then moved across the street where he obviously met his demise."

Other people who live and work on Gilman Street say this has become a rough area with drug deals at all hours of the night.

Christey Hanaman says she and her teenage daughter regularly find needles on the ground, and she wonders if this murder is drug related.

"My daughter's 15," Hanaman said. "They're scared now."

Tammy Shaw says the drugs are bad enough, but for one of her friends to be shot and killed, she says is awful.

"It's terrible. I don't feel safe. I think Portland has gotten really bad. It's an epidemic, you know, with the drugs and the violence," Shaw said. "I live here with my child. It's awful."

Two women who live on the third floor of 88 Gilman Street, where the deadly shooting took place, say they could clearly hear the gunshots next door.

Portland Police are not letting anyone up on the third floor except for the people who live here. Both say they were home in their apartments when they heard the shots.

The first woman says after she heard the gunshots, she looked out her peep hole, but didn't see anyone go by.

Both women say people are being buzzed into the building who are up to no good.

They told us the property manager does tries to keep people living here safe and secure.

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