More snow, more problems for Augusta

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Seeing snow in the winter time isn't a surprise to Augusta residents.

"I'm very excited to shovel more snow,” Chief Warrant Officer Steven Eastman said.

But what has been offbeat for 2017 is how much of it has fallen in a short period of time.

"More snow woopty-do. It's been crappy in the morning and in the afternoons going home it's still been crappy,” Lisa Baker, Augusta resident, said.

Police say in the last 10 days the city has been hit with nearly two feet of snow, which caused a lot of problems for Thursday’s commute.

"We want to keep up as much as everyone else is trying to keep up. We probably responded to five or six accidents, cars in the ditch, and cars off the road. I think there are two currently that my officers are at now,” Sgt. Christian Behr, Augusta Police Department, said.

The city is responsible for plowing dozens of snow routes. At this point officials say it's all hands on deck.

"We don't just do our patrol duties but a lot of us work overnight, removing snow with the public works crews,” Sgt. Behr said.

High snow banks are a problem for commuters, and within the last three day the Augusta Police Department says they've responded to dozens of complaints regarding people putting snow on other people's property which is a violation of a city ordinance.

"Just breathe, take your time and relax we know it's frustrating and we know that the winters not over yet,” Sgt. Behr said.