Minimum wage goes up in Maine to $9/hr.

STATEWIDE (WGME) -- The minimum wage in Maine went up Saturday after voters approved a referendum in November.

The minimum wage increased from $7.50/hr. to $9/hr.; under the law, it will also increase a dollar each year until it hits $12 in 2020.

The minimum wage for tipped workers was supposed to go up from $3.50/hr. to $5/hr. "You might go in, sacrifice your time and only make $30," said part-time waitress Liz McArthur, who's also a single mother and nursing student. McArthur supports the increase, saying it will make it much more worthwhile to be a waitress.

Legislators are already proposing bills that would change the minimum wage for tipped workers and because of that, the Labor Department says it won't enforce Maine's minimum wage for tipped workers until January 31.

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