Massabesic student making a difference for injured Labrador

Meet Governor, the ambassador for New England Lab Rescue. (WGME)

ARUNDEL (WGME) -- A Massabesic High School student with a soft spot for Labrador retrievers is cooking up a project to help one special dog.

But even though it started with one dog in need, his chocolate treats are “making a difference" for an organization that saves quite a few.

After school and before he hits the books, you'll find high school student Lucien Fitts in the kitchen.

His specialty these days, chocolate lollipops, shaped like Labradors.

So why chocolate labs? Meet Governor, the ambassador for New England Lab Rescue.

The Maine rescue organization heard about Governor and swooped in to save him. He was adopted by the organization's director, who paid for two hip replacements for Governor.

Which means Governor needs a brace on his leg to put any pressure on his foot, and it's wearing out.

Lucien first saw Governor when he was dropping off homemade dog beds for the rescue group. That was his first community service project. When he found out it would cost close to $1,000 to get Governor a new brace, he knew he had to do something.

"I decided I was going to raise money to help Governor get his new brace,” Fitts said. “It took me a little while to come up with an idea."

His chocolate lab lollipops are selling fast through Facebook and email.

Lucien is almost at his goal, but says any extra money will go to help New England Lab Rescue with the costs of saving other dogs like Governor.

And thanks to Lucien's big heart, Governor will soon be a little steadier on his feet.

The chocolate lab pops are selling in a couple Arundel businesses and online for $2 apiece, plus shipping.

Lucien's mom is taking the orders through her email address at

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