"Making a Difference" - Maine man gives hope to others with ALS

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WGME - GRAY - A Maine man is one of the ten percent of people living with ALS for ten years. ALS, also known as "Lou Gerhig's Disease," is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that robs patients of their ability to walk, talk and ultimately, breathe.

"I believe a disease like ALS, which is still incurable, will either crush you or bring out the best in you," John Gregoire, ALS patient said.

Gregoire has chosen the latter.

He and his wife, Linda, started the Hope-JG Foundation, which is working to open a residential home for ALS patients in Maine. In the meantime, the Gregoire's have started the "Helping Hands" program - offering both financial, emotional and practical support to ALS families in Maine.

"With good intentions, there are a lot of people that try to help people with ALS, but unless you've lived through it and all the little things we've had to figure out on our own, that we can just pass on our wisdom onto them is the best thing," Linda Gregoire said.

This Friday, the Hope-JG Foundation will hold the third annual Golf Scramble at the Spring Meadows Golf Club in Gray. You can register right up until the day of the event.

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