Lawmakers clash over how to implement Question 2

AUGUSTA (WGME) – There is a full-fledged political battle in Augusta right now, over a voter-approved tax increase intended to help fund education.

Opponents insist that plan will damage Maine’s economy, and they want it repealed.

Voters said yes to Question 2 last fall, and usually, when voters pass a referendum, that's the end of it, but not this time.

Dozens of people flooded the State House Monday to argue for and against a series of bills designed to repeal and replace Question 2. That's the 3 percent tax surcharge on income above $200,000 per year.

Governor Paul LePage, along with most republicans and the state's business community, say that tax, while good-intentioned, will drive away high earners and innovators.

Supporters of Question 2 say they don't buy that.

One bill that's been gaining some traction would repeal the higher tax on high earners, but find the money somewhere else to fund education.