Legislature passes state budget, Gov. LePage says it 'has no prayer'

Governor Paul LePage tells CBS 13, if he doesn't get a budget he thinks is good for Maine, he'll close the government, leaving some state employees at least temporarily without pay. (WGME)

AUGUSTA (WGME) – Lawmakers are still trying to work out a deal to keep state government running.

The governor says he is introducing his own bill late Friday night.

The original deal called for getting rid of the voter-approved surtax on high-income Mainers, while finding other ways to give more money for education, but those "other ways" included an increase in the lodging tax, which the governor says is a deal breaker.

Earlier Friday, the governor insisted he's doing what's best for Maine's future, and refused to sign onto that plan.

Lawmakers did get more than two-thirds of the vote at one point in the Senate, required for the budget to take effect immediately, once approved by the governor, but they didn't get that in the House, and now a new round of negotiations are underway.

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