Maine home where King wrote 'Pet Sematary' up for sale

The Orrington home were Stephen King lived when he wrote 'Pet Sematary' could be yours.

ORRINGTON (WGME) -- It's been said that home is where your story begins, and for Maine's very own Stephen King, that quote proves true for a novel he wrote while living here "Pet Sematary"

As this story goes, in the 1970's, Stephen King and his family lived at the Orington home.

His daughter's cat was run over on busy River Road, so they buried it in the back yard of the property.

It was that experience that gave Stephen King the inspiration to write "Pet Sematary" which is a bone-chilling best seller, turned movie.

It references the 1900's home which still stands tall in Orington, Maine.

While the cemetery is now overgrown with brush and gone, it's still been quite the sight to see, for decades.

"Many super-fans have stopped by," Loran Dosen, who's aunt has owned the home since 1991, said. "They've either seen this house in books, or online."

Now, you can take a closer look.

The home, which sits on 3.1 acres of land is for sale.

"It's for sale by owner," Dosen said. "It's $255,000 which is well priced for the community it needs some TLC."

Dosen said she's been coming to the home for years.

"Is It was always a fun thing to say Stephen King's home was my ants home," she said. "We really always enjoyed coming here and found it a very comfortable place to stay but during sleepovers, we may have had an extra eye open at night."

Dosen's aunt recently passed away and her family inherited the home.

Her mom and dad are moving away and won't be able to keep up with the house which is why they've decided to sell it.

The 113 year-old home hasn't changed too much over the years and neither has the story.

It's one the Dosen family hopes will never end.

"We're drawing attention from both Stephen King fans and historical home fans and we hope we can sort of melt those two together and find that perfect buyer."

If you are interestedin a showing for this property Loran Dosen can be contacted at 207-949-2236.

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