'Hero' describes daring rescue of teenage girl from frozen lake

WATERBORO (WGME) – A helmet camera captured the moment three men pulled a teenage girl from a freezing cold lake.

Officials in Waterboro say she fell off a snowmobile, and into the water.

On February 4, a day of ice fishing on Little Ossippee Lake turned into a dramatic rescue, when a 16-year-old girl was thrown off a snowmobile and into the freezing water. Authorities say the driver dove in twice, but couldn't reach her.

Bill Rodgers says he was talking to another fisherman, when they saw a man run toward the water and just knew someone had gone in.

“So I yelled for rope and Taylor ran back to his shack, and he had a coil of like, mountain climber rope,” Rodgers said. “He came back, and we jumped on a four wheeler and shot across the lake.”

The York County Sheriff's Office says a third man came over on his ATV, and together, the three men sprang into action.

It was all captured on the camera the ATV rider was wearing on their helmet.

Using rope as a lifeline, they pulled until she was back on solid ground. The sheriff's office says the men put themselves in harm's way for a stranger, and is now calling them heroes.

Rodgers says he's glad this story has a happy ending.

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