Police monitoring popular Cumberland party spot

Cumberland police plan to patrol an area near Middle Road and Harris Road after it was vandalized during an underage drinking party. (Cumberland Police Facebook)

CUMBERLAND (WGME) -- After breaking up a recent underage drinking party, police are focusing their efforts on preventing more parties after finding trash and vandalism on the private property.

Saturday morning, Cumberland police posted on its Facebook page about the party, where an officer noticed plenty of park cars near Middle Road and Harris Road. Three minors were detained on charges including criminal trespass, littering and a minor in possession of liquor, but a group of juveniles ran away.

Returning the next morning, police said they found piles of trash and vandalized property, including trees and rocks being spray painted. It was clear from the number of fire pits found this location, on private property, has been used for parties in the past.

"The area where these young people have been partying is private property," police wrote in a Facebook post. "The damage done to this beautiful natural area is not only disgusting, it's completely illegal. We've heard that the current generation of youth are supposed to be environmentally conscious and thoughtful - this behavior is anything but."

Cumberland police are asking for the public's help to track down those responsible for the vandalism, and they plan to patrol the area on a regular basis. Police noted the site has been cleaned up by a young man who lives int eh area.

"We are researching our options to find out how we might be able to assist this landowner with cleanup," the Facebook post reads. "Already, a young man who lives in the area has gone out and cleaned up much of the litter (thank you, Sir). It will take considerable effort to return the trees and rocks to their beautiful natural state. We are in hopes that there are some parents out there who are willing to impress upon their children that this behavior is wrong and must cease. Perhaps some of the youth who were involved will look at these pictures and, seeing the ugliness and damage they've caused, will think twice before returning. We can only hope."

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