Crews works to remove snow ahead of storm

NAPLES (WGME) -- The snow has already started to fall in Naples. This is the fifth storm to hit Maine in the last nine days.

The snow is just going to add to the large snow banks we're already seeing lining the streets.

Naples received just over 15 inches of snow with the last storm.

For this one, they're expected to get 10-16" of snow.

It's going to make for another busy day and night for crews across Maine.

Many have already been working overtime this week with Monday’s storm and then using the break from the snow Tuesday to try move some of it out of the way.

Crews in Gorham were removing snow from sidewalks and large snow banks to make room for Wednesday’s snow.

Crews in Naples say their big focus has been trying to widen the roads as much as they can. And they're putting in long hours to do that.