Chemical spill in Portland's East End diverts traffic

A portion of Congress Street on Munjoy Hill in Portland is closed due to a chemical spill. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A portion of Congress Street in Portland was closed for a few hours Wednesday morning because of a chemical spill.

Firefighters say a Portland police officer spotted a liquid coming from the back of a truck so he pulled the truck over in front of a Portland fire station. He then found out that liquid spilling was a hazardous chemical.

Portland Assistant Fire Chief Keith Gautreau estimates about 15 gallons spilled from the Anderson Insulation truck on Congress Street from Franklin Street to the fire station on Munjoy Hill.

Police closed off the spill area while crews covered it with an absorbent to clean it up.

Firefighters say the chemical isn't a major threat outside or dry but it is considered hazardous when in liquid form and in closed areas.

Maine State Police inspected the truck and issued the company a $310 fine for failing to secure their load and causing the spill.

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