CBS 13 On Your Side: Equifax help line

The Equifax breach has many consumers on edge, wondering what to do next. (Pixabay)

PORTLAND (WGME) – The investigation is expanding into the massive breach that exposed nearly half the U.S. population's personal information like addresses and social security numbers.

The Equifax breach has many consumers on edge, wondering what to do next.

This could be the largest theft involving social security numbers in history, and consumers will be feeling the impact for years.

According to documents filed with Maine’s attorney general, more than half a million Mainers had their personal information stolen.

If you've ever applied for credit, Equifax likely has your information.

It is one of three major credit bureaus used by banks, lenders, and businesses to approve loans, mortgages, cell phones, and credit cards.

The information exposed in the breach puts millions at risk for identity theft.

Cyber security experts say it's best to assume that your information has been compromised.

CBS 13 wants to help you fight back and take action.

Thursday night the Maine Bureau of Consumer Protection will be answering the phones in our On Your Side Help Center from 5 to 6:30.

You can call with your questions and get an expert on the line.

The bureau also suggests you freeze your credit with all three bureaus, that prevents anyone from opening new credit in your name.

Equifax is offering one year of free credit monitoring, which after public outcry no longer requires consumers to give up certain legal rights in order to join.

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