Apartment developers say they will obey South Portland's height limit

Reports that South Portland could soon allow buildings up to 15 stories were shot down Wednesday night at the city council meeting. (WGME)

SOUTH PORTLAND (WGME) -- The South Portland City Council ensures any new buildings will not exceed the current height limits.

This comes as two developers look to build apartments near the Maine Mall.

The two developers say they originally wanted to build a 15-story building, which would require a zoning change, but now, the developers say they don't intend to build higher than the current limits of 8-stories.

Questions were raised Wednesday night about whether or not South Portland needs more housing, and if the Maine Mall area is the right place for it.

Developers say part of their plan includes requiring 10 percent of the new units to be affordable housing.

"I think this is a total win, win. I think it's wonderful because I know there are a couple committees that are looking for affordable housing,” Russ Lunt, South Portland resident, said.

"We hope that we can accommodate some housing over there and we think a lot of people that live in that area would appreciate that work in that area, would appreciate being able to live in that area and not have to drive long distances to get affordable housing,” Vince Maiette, proposing one of the projects, said.

These development projects are still in the very early stages.

The city says they have not yet received official applications for the complexes.

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