State treasurer warns of new scheme targeting Mainers and their money

AUGUSTA (WGME) — Maine state treasurer Terry Hayes is warning of new schemes targeting Mainers and their money.

Hayes says to be on the lookout for suspicious, unofficial unclaimed property websites or notices that promise to return unclaimed property for a fee.

“Each year, new schemes are created that attempt to take advantage of Mainer’s familiarity with our Unclaimed Property Program. While there are many differences between our program and these schemes, the easiest way to spot a scheme is if it asks for payment information,” Hayes said.

The Office of the State Treasurer is responsible for holding cash and other financial assets that are considered by law lost or abandoned — often referred to as unclaimed property.

There is no fee for reviewing the list or claiming your property if you use the state’s official website, call (207) 624-7470 or search using the national database.

CBS 13 also hosts an annual free Missing Money On Your Side Help Center with the treasurer’s office.

This year we helped Mainers recover $1,657,000, according to claim information provided by the Office of the State Treasurer.

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