Snow plow damage to cars, homes; who's responsible?

With more snow on the way, the I-Team investigates who's responsible if your car, home, or other property is damaged by a snow plow. (WGME)

WINDSOR (WGME) — With more snow on the way, the I-Team investigates who's responsible if your car, home, or other property is damaged by a snow plow.

We found the answer can be tricky one.

The Maine Municipal Association said most cities have insurance to help cover things like this.

You make a claim, it's reviewed, and then they decide if they'll pay out.

But many smaller towns in Maine use private contractors, and we found you may have a tougher fight.

"I see the truck come by, and I see everything happen," Bruce Tibbetts said.

Tibbetts claims he was snowblowing outside his Windsor home when he saw his truck take a beating from a snow plow.

"He comes by, it blows clear from the road 8-9 feet, lands on top of my hood, chips the paint on truck, busts my windshield, even takes my windshield wiper and flips it way up, it hit it pretty hard. We have the rocks. All you have to do is look at the road," Tibbetts said.

He says a private snow plow contractor working for neighboring Whitefield is responsible for the nasty storm scar on his truck, but he claims both the town and the contractor are giving him the cold shoulder.

"The town has ignored me, I've been there 4 weeks in a row. They don't want to hear about it," Tibbetts said.

The snow plow contractor was unavailable to talk with us on camera Friday.

He told us on the phone, he does use the road near Tibbett's home as a turnaround and he investigated the complaint.

"We're not going to run away from things. We'll pay for damage if we did it, but I don't believe my company did that damage," he told CBS 13.

"I want an answer, somebody, Ican replace it. I can go do it, but i didn't break it," Ti

The town clerk pointed us to the $190,000 a year plowing contract, which says the town is not responsible for claims of property damage caused by the contractor.

Tibbetts isn't the first to complain about the same snow plow contractor.

Board meeting minutes from two years ago indicate residents expressed concern with plowing, plow trucks going too fast, damaged mailboxes, and a home hit with snow, dirt, and slush - thrown up by the plows.

The contractor says he met with the board and those issues were resolved.

Despite the complaints, town officials say they're happy with the contractor's performance.

Several plow drivers told us plowing isn't perfect. You can help them out by marking the edge of your property with wooden stakes and if possible, park your vehicles back in your driveway, or in a garage.

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