I-Team: Dangerous Siri prank could get you in big trouble in Maine

STATEWIDE (WGME) — A dangerous and illegal prank is spreading like fire on social media.

Hundreds of posts are encouraging iPhone users to ask Siri about the number 108, but officials in Maine tell us if you do, it could get you in trouble and put others at risk.

We worked with the Cumberland County Dispatch Center to test out the viral prank.

The prank starts on social media.

Some Twitter users are posting promises and posts about Apple's virtual assistant, such as "Say 108 to Siri something cool happens, You'll thank me later, and Tell Siri 108 for a good laugh."

Bill Holmes, director of the Cumberland County Regional Communications Center said all of this is no joke.

To help end the speculation, and show you what the command does, while inside the dispatch center, Holmes asked us to help test it out.

The "108" command to Siri calls 911.

"We tested it and confirmed it does in fact work," Holmes said.

Here's why it works.

Apple says it designed Siri to know emergency numbers from all over the world.

In India, calling 108 is like calling 911 in the United States, connecting you to the nearest 911 dispatch center.

Other numbers to avoid include 112, 110, 999, and 000.

"I would certainly encourage anyone not to dial 911 as a prank and encourage folks not to use Siri 108 as a prank," Holmes said.

Dispatchers and police in Maine and across the country say tying up emergency lines could delay response times for people with actual emergencies.

The misuse of the 911 system is a crime in Maine with fines and even jail time possible.

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