'Absolutely, 100% guilty': former prosecutor speaks out after convicted murderer gets bail

Pam Ames tells the CBS 13 I-Team, she's tired of being thrown under the bus by Anthony Sanborn's new defense attorney. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) — A former state prosecutor is speaking out after a judge decides to give bail to a convicted murderer in a 25-year-old case.

Former prosecutor turned defense attorney Pam Ames tells the CBS 13 I-Team she's tired of being thrown under the bus by Anthony Sanborn's new defense attorney.

Sanborn is out of prison on bail after a witness in the original trial, Hope Cady, recanted her testimony last week.

Ames says she has no doubt Anthony Sanborn killed Jessica Briggs on the Portland waterfront in 1989.

"Absolutely 100% guilty, but that wasn't what my job was. That was the jury's job. The jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt," Ames said.

In her first TV interview since Sanborn was released on bail, Ames says the public, and the judge, are rushing to judgment.

“It sounds ludicrous to me,” Ames said. “She made a premature judgment that allowed a convicted murderer the right to bail, which had been extinguished 28 years ago, to roam free in Westbrook."

A spokeswoman for Judge Joyce Wheeler released a statement on the matter.

"The judicial code of conduct prohibits a judge from commenting on a pending matter."

Wheeler gave Sanborn bail after Cady now says she did not see Sanborn kill the victim, claiming she was told what to say.

Ames denies she did anything wrong when she was prosecutor, refuting claims made by defense attorney Amy Fairfield.

She says during the 8-day trial, there were 58 witnesses and plenty of evidence.

Fairfield didn't call us back Friday, but in a previous interview with CBS 13, insisted Sanborn is innocent.

“This is an abhorrent miscarriage of justice and that guy deserves to be free,” Fairfield said.

Ames has agreed to testify at a post-conviction hearing next month.

Hope Cady couldn't be reached Friday for comment regarding her testimony.

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