Customers of Standish oil company running low on fuel, patience

Several frustrated people have reached out to the I-Team saying they get a busy signal every time they call Pit Stop Fuels for a delivery.{ }

STANDISH (WGME) -- The CBS 13 I-Team is getting answers for customers of a Standish oil company who are running low on fuel and patience.

Several frustrated people have reached out to the I-Team saying they get a busy signal every time they call Pit Stop Fuels for a delivery. It's forcing many to go down to the office in person, which was standing room only on Wednesday.

Mike Bailey of Gray said he ordered oil last Wednesday and an e-mail promised delivery on Friday.

"Saturday morning came, no oil," said Bailey.

When he ran out Sunday, he started filling up his own five-gallon tanks with diesel fuel, while trying to reach the company on the phone.

"I tried half a dozen times yesterday," said Bailey. "I get frustrated too easily."

Another man told CBS 13 by e-mail, he's called 75 times. Others are sharing experiences on social media, with some asking if Pit Stop Fuels closed.

"They haven't said anything. They've said nothing," said Bailey. "No response."

When the I-Team showed up at the Standish office on Wednesday, Josh Sandahl, the vice president of Stone Road Energy, which owns Pit Stop Fuels, declined to speak on-camera.

Sandahl said they are open, but "it is simply there are far more people requesting deliveries than phones to answer and people to answer them." He said drivers are working as much as they safely can.

The delay in delivery isn't unique to Pit Stop Fuels. B&L Oil and Propane in Fryeburg told CBS 13 on Tuesday there's a two week wait for customers not signed up for auto-fill.

"The coldest weather we've had on record and I can understand oil companies are backed up," said Bailey. "I can understand that. But no response, and again, I am not alone."

Lucky for Bailey, his delivery showed up Wednesday afternoon, but he plans to take his business elsewhere in the future.

"I've got enough in there to get through the month and hopefully by then we'll have something else set up," he said.

Sandahl suggests customers just keep calling until they get an answer, or visit one of the offices in Standish, Gorham or Bridgton.

His best advice for the future is to join an automatic delivery budget plan that spreads their cost of fuel over twelve equal monthly payments, which he said can be less than the cost of a single fuel delivery. And because deliveries are automatic, those customers don't have to call in, especially during peak demand times like this.