ALERT: IRS scam calls surge in Maine

AUGUSTA (WGME) — In an interview with CBS 13, Attorney General Janet Mills is warning Mainers about a big scam making a big comeback during this tax season.

Mills said the IRS impersonation scam has started up again and this time around scammers are getting more aggressive and menacing.

Victims of the scam are getting calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS.

That fake agent then tells victims they owe the IRS money for unpaid taxes.

If you don't pay up right away, the caller claims you'll be arrested.

"They're cruel in the kinds of threats they make — threatening to arrest you. Saying you're from the IRS and a warrant is out for you is about as scary as it gets," said Mills.

The IRS says it won't call asking for money or overdue taxes, you'll be contacted through the mail service.

Mills suggests you not engage with the caller and just hang up.

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