Family of 5 dead in Saco, according to Maine State Police  Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland confirms to CBS 13 a father, mother, and 3 children were found dead Sunday afternoon in an apartment in Saco.


Seeking answers after a train derails in Rumford

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 11:57 PM EDT
Seeking answers after a train derails in Rumford story image
RUMFORD (WGME) -- Three days later, train crews are still working to get a train that derailed in Rumford back on the tracks.

It happened next to route 108, in a section where the train runs right next to the road.

Some of the train is seemingly still off the track but the three cars that were actually leaning against several trees are gone now.

At least three cars were almost on their sides, with the tracks under them badly damaged and ripped right out of the ground.

No official word yet if anyone was injured.

CBS 13 is still trying to find out where the train was coming from where it was going how all of this happened.

More details to come.Seeking answers after a train derails in Rumford
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