Homework: Taking care of your lawn

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WINDHAM (WPFO) -- We start a new segment on Good Day Maine.  It's called "Homework.

We will show you how to make your house better on the inside and outside.

In this edition of Homework, it's all about the exterior as we  help you get a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Adam Bendickson with Lucas Tree Services says have a great lawn starts with fertilizing.  Make sure and do it at least once every six weeks during the season.

 You can fertilize all you want, but if you don't treat your lawn for grubs, you lawn could be toast.  According to Bendickson, you have to treat for grubs, because if they choose your lawn to lay their eggs on, you will have an infestation and you won't have a lawn within a week."
Not just grubs, mosquitoes and ticks can be a problem as well.  Because those insects can transmit some serious diseases, treating your grass with an environmentally safe pesticide is important.  Bendickson says that's one part of lawn care that you should leave to a professional.

When it comes to watering, two times a day should be enough.  Make sure and do it once in the morning and once at dusk.

Proper mowing has a huge impact on how your lawn looks.  Bendickson says don't make it look like a putting green.  Keep it around 3 inches long.   It will shade the ground, grass and roots and keep your grass from turning brown.Homework: Taking care of your lawn
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