Support Services

Support Services

The Central Maine Comprehensive Cancer Center offers the resources that cancer patients and their loved ones need.

Oncology Social Workers

CMMC's oncology social workers specialize in providing counseling support to cancer patients and their families. They assist with emotional, spiritual, financial and practical needs that often arise with a cancer diagnosis.

Financial Counselors

CMMC's financial counselors can assist patients and their loved ones with navigating financial challenges that can arise as individuals and families cope with a cancer diagnosis. Topics include insurance coverage, co-pays, deductibles, MaineCare, and Medicare.

Pastoral Care

Hearing a diagnosis, undergoing treatment, living with cancer . . . all while striving to fulfill life's purpose . . . involves evaluating beliefs, values and meaning. Support is often desired when questions arise about what truly matters. CMMC's Pastoral Care team can help those facing life's questions.

Arbor House

Extended treatment schedules or hospitalization can be an emotional, exhausting, and traumatic time for patients and their loved ones. For families from out of town, dealing with issues like housing, meals, and transportation can become an expensive and trying burden. Recognizing these challenges, CMMC created The Arbor House, a temporary lodging facility offered free of charge to patients and their travel companion.

The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing

The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing is an integral part of cancer care at The Central Maine Comprehensice Cancer Center, providing free support, education, outreach and wellness services to anyone affected by cancer. Visit the Dempsey Center's website to learn more about this unique service.

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