Investigation: Car Dealership Says Craigslist Ad Is A Mistake

A KMPH Fox 26 News viewer said she wanted to buy a car on Craigslist.

She found one.

The ad said the car is very clean and had one owner.

But a CarFax report shows the car had 3 owners, and was involved in an accident.

Another issue, the ad was listed in the private owner section of Craigslist.

But our viewer says she found the car sitting in the parking lot of a Fresno dealership.

A man who identified himself as Mohammad Karamzadeh said he's the co-owner of Best Deal Auto Sale in Fresno.

Karamzadeh says he didn't know anything about the "mix up.

He says it was a mistake and the employee doesn't work for him anymore.

But when reporter Erik Rosales asked him about why the ad was placed in the private owners section of Craigslist, he stopped the interview.

It turns out that's a violation according to the DMV.

DMV Inspector Tom Wilson says anytime a dealership makes statements about the past history of a vehicle they're selling, they must be true.

Wilson says, "There are some civil penalties they could face. Or they could get some administration action by the department which could cause them to lose their license."

The owner of Best Deal Auto Sale said his attorney will make a statement.

As a result of our investigation the DMV Investigation Division is opening up a case.