Health Care Reform

Healthcare: it was the reason for President Obama's Congressional address last week, and it was the reason for tonight's public forum held right here in Marquette.

The forum was called "Health Care Reform: What are the Alternatives?"

"Health care is a human right, and governments are instituting a bunch of people to protect these rights. Therefore, the government has to do something to protect our right to health care just like education, police services, military services, etc.," said David Cooper of the NMU Philosophy Department.

That's one opinion, and it's one that seems to be quite popular, although the Marquette Republican Party says that it's heard different requests.

"Well I am certainly right-of-center, but I think the country is right-of-center. And most people think that if we can solve the problem without the government running the system, that's a better solution than the government running the system," said Dan Adamini, Chair of the Marquette Republican Party.

President Obama calls health care one of the most important challenges of our time. And no matter people's individual opinions, the President says, "Let there be no doubt: health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year."

Tonight's forum was meant to be more educational than political. The folks who spoke did so to inform, not necessarily to convince.