DIRIGO STORIES: Dad-daughter duo enjoying college together

Chris Keller and his daughter Courtney studying together. The dad-daughter duo have the same major at UNE (WGME).

BIDDEFORD (WGME) -- A military man, finally getting his college degree, has a very special study buddy.

Chris Keller, who served 21 years in the U.S. Air Force, is a University of New England senior majoring in medical biology. His daughter Courtney, just started her freshman year at UNE in the same major.

"Sometimes we'll go to lunch together," said Courtney Keller. "Sometimes I'll see him in the library and sit with him to do work. It's nice to visit."

"A lot of people ask me, 'What's it like to going to school with your daughter?' I love it. We have a great relationship," Chris said.

Courtney Keller has always been interested in biology when she attended Gray-New Gloucester High School. She knew she wanted to study it in college, but says her dad didn't completely influence her choice to pick UNE. He's OK with that.

"I expect she's going to do a lot better than I did," said Chris Keller, of Falmouth. "She was a great student in high school. Way back in the day when I went to school, I wasn't really that student."

Even if she gets better grades, Courtney is still glad to have her dad around as she starts college.

"It's nice to know which teachers to take, and the best way to go about time management, things like that," Courtney said.

Since Chris graduates in May, the dad-daughter duo has limited time together on campus, but there's a chance that could change. Chris Keller wants to become a physicians assistant, and UNE has a P.A. masters program.

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